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Amano Shrimp Guide: Lifespan, Diet, Environment

Amano Shrimp Overview Caridina multidentata, sometimes caridinia japonica and otherwise known as Amano shrimp, are an extremely popular freshwater shrimp species to introduce to your aquarium. Takashi Amano, the famous hobbyist who discovered the species’ ability to eat large quantities of algae, introduced the Amano shrimp to aquarists. Amano shrimp are simply the best clean up crews […]

New VIV Items

  Each hand blown glass item from VIV offers professional functionality in the aquarium without compromising the natural beauty.  The crystal clear borosilicate glass used in these items is the same material used to craft high-end lab equipment.  Crafted with the highest standards and attention to the smallest detail, each of these items is sure […]

VIV Glass Feeding Dish

Keep food from sinking into your gravel, soil, or sand bed! This hand crafted dish allows you to easily feed bottom dwelling fish or shrimp, and removes all uneaten particles before they pollute the tank. Crystal clear borosilicate glass does not take away from the beauty of the aquarium while the food is offered to […]

VIV New Glass Overflow for Rimless Aquariums

Watch the video of the VIV Glass overflow. If you need a unique overflow without having to drill your aquarium VIV is it. Use it to surface skim and drain your aquarium to a trcikle filter or sump below. The unique design auto starts after a power outage.

CO2, The Basics

Aquarium Blog Post

Lately quite a few hobbyist have contacted us looking for more information regarding the addition of CO2 in a planted tank. The planted tank community is growing fast as hobbyist learn that keeping aquatic plants brings on a whole new exciting and rewarding challenge to the aquarium keeping. CO2 is one of the most important […]