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How to Maintain and Siphon Aquascaped Aquarium Substrates and Soils?

Should you siphon your aquasoil substrate? Aquasoils like Mr Aqua, UP Aqua, Azoo, and other brands are now standard in many planted tank setups. Still, very few sources, if any, cover how to maintain aquasoil substrates for months or years after it is used. Many of the concepts here will apply to inert substrate tanks […]

Up-Aqua Shrimp Sand

Aquarium Blog Post

SevenPorts is adding Up-Aqua Shrimp Sand to our substrate inventory. The Up-Aqua Shrimp Sand is specifically formulated to be mineral rich. Thus providing micro amounts of minerals required to sustain colonies of freshwater shrimps. Up-Aqua Shrimp Sand also contains buffering capabilities, automatically softening water and lowering PH to roughly 6.0 – 6.5. This shrimp specific […]