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1 Aquascaping Solution: The Basics Introducing Aquascaping

As a beginner aquarium hobbyist, a question you likely will have is, “what is aquascaping“? Aquascaping tanks or “nature” aquariums are a beautiful aquarium style. Founded by Takashi Amano in Japan, its popularity comes from bringing a piece of nature into homes. Aquascaped aquariums are pieces of living art in the home. They are similar […]

How to Maintain and Siphon Aquascaped Aquarium Substrates and Soils?

Should you siphon your aquasoil substrate? Aquasoils like Mr Aqua, UP Aqua, Azoo, and other brands are now standard in many planted tank setups. Still, very few sources, if any, cover how to maintain aquasoil substrates for months or years after it is used. Many of the concepts here will apply to inert substrate tanks […]

Inspiration – Professionals Use Hydra Aquatics Rimless Aquariums and Mr Aqua Tanks from AquaLife and Sevenports at Aquashella

Spend a few moments and see what some of the best aquascapers created within hours at Aquashella. Do not miss our galleries at these shows each year. Along with Oase and Tropica, we are proud sponsors of this important show. Thank you to Lifegard Aquatics for the lights at the Dallas 2021 show. Three more […]

Professional Tools for Cultivating Your Planted Aquarium

Hydra Aquatics new professional aquascaping tools. Take a look at some of the best tools for aquascaping.