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Product Review: OASE BioMaster Thermo 350

Dr. Scott Wells of the University of Tennessee tested the OASE BioMaster Thermo 350 and provided a full review on this external canister, the only one on the market with an integrated heater! Stating that this canister is “quiet and easy to prime,” Dr. Wells describes everything from what is included in the box to […]

Product Review: OASE BioMaster Thermo 250 Aquarium Filter

I have been keeping aquariums over 50 years, and seldom have I encountered a product that pleases me as much as the OASE BioMaster filter I installed a little over a month ago. My aquarium is an 18 x 18 x 24 tank that holds about 21 net gallons. It is heavily planted, with carbon […]

Canister Filters: The Superior Choice for Planted Tank Filtration

Choosing the Best Canister Filter Looking for the best canister filter for your planted aquarium? Ensuring you have a high quality filter in your tank can make all the difference for your plant, fish, and invertebrates’ health. Of all the methods of filtration available for the planted freshwater tank, canister filters have long been the superior […]