Aquarium Lighting

At SevenPorts, we are your trusted source for aquarium lighting products. Our reliable lighting products help to encourage plant growth and provide lighting to bring out color and stimulate aquatic life in your freshwater or saltwater tank. On our website, you’ll find many Full Spectrum LED lighting options available to you.

LED Aquarium Lights & Accessories

Our Full Spectrum LED aquarium lighting products enhance the growth of your aquatic plants and bring out the color and beauty of your coral and fish. In addition to aquarium LED lights, we also stock timers, light clips, and other miscellaneous aquarium lighting accessories you’ll need for the hobby. At SevenPorts, we are committed to fulfilling your lighting needs for your aquarium. Should you have questions about inventory for LED aquarium lights, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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PAR Aquarium Lighting

Many new hobbyists think that aquarium LED lighting is complicated. The solution for planted aquarium lighting lies in a physical parameter known as “photosynthetically active radiation,” or PAR value. PAR value is the intensity of the light needed for plant growth. It represents our best direct measurement of light output from any putative plant-growth light source. In addition, it is measuring the intensity of the spectrum of light that plants use, proven to help with photosynthesis or plant growth. PAR is the ONLY direct measure of a given light source’s suitability for plants.

Aquarium Lighting Terminology You Should Know

If you are an aquarist just getting started in the hobby, there is other terminology you'll need to know. Below, we'll cover those terms:

  • • Watts per gallon - this is an outdated method that has obvious flaws. As a result, serious aquarists no longer use the watts per gallon method.
  • • Kelvin temperature - a measurement of the color-rendering ability of a light source. Compared to natural daylight, Kelvin doesn't say anything about the ability of the light to support plant growth. As a general rule, higher Kelvin temperature light sources emit a high proportion of their light in the blue wavelengths plants use. They may also be deficient in the red wavelengths that are equally essential to plant growth and development.
  • • Lux - a measurement of light intensity that doesn't say anything about the spectral quality of the light.
  • • PAR Value - You can easily determine PAR value by using a PAR meter. These instruments have a price within the range of most hobbyist clubs and certainly most aquarium shops. A PAR reading of about 50 units at the level of the substrate directly beneath the center of the light source will support the growth of a wide range of popular aquarium plants. For all PAR readings for aquarium purposes, you should use a sensor underwater.

Aquarium Timers

If you need an aquarium timer to help provide a natural day and night cycle for your tank, SevenPorts has timers available to you. Your fish, plants, coral, and invertebrates alike will benefit from a natural day and night aquarium lighting cycle. Shop timers now.

Aquarium LED Lights

Aquarium LED lights are our specialty. LED lighting is essential to the health and stimulation of the living creatures in your tank. Browse all our LED light products today to find the right one for your freshwater or saltwater setup.


Finally, we also stock at certain times T5 HO reef aquarium lights and fixtures. The "HO" in T5 HO stands for "high output." If you're looking for more light, you'll want to look into T5 HO lighting for your tank for a higher output of light. Check back periodically for T5 HO lighting availability.