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SevenPorts is your trusted source of aquarium pumps from reliable brands in the industry, including Oase, Sicce, and ZKSJ. Many of our pumps feature built-in flow control, a tubing adapter and inline tubing adapter, power cable, and suction cups, just to name a few.

We stock aquarium pumps for both pond and fish tank use. Each pump you find on our website is available in multiple sizes. In addition, each product includes the rate voltage, power consumption, flow rate, and watt specifications. Improve your aquarium flow today!

Fish Tank Pumps

Our fish tank pumps are compact, lightweight, and powerful. They are suitable for both freshwater and marine use and operate quietly. Their energy efficiency is well-tested and proven to work better than most competitors'. Additionally, most of our fish tank water pumps are protected with an included warranty. Shop all aquarium pumps in our online store, or get in touch with our experts who are happy to provide you more info. Simply give us a call at 1 (626) 333-5372 or email us at for more info on our fish tank pumps.

Types of Aquarium Pumps

We have several different types of aquarium pumps available depending on your needs. Some are suitable for ponds, while some are specifically for indoor aquatics. We carry OASE, Sicce, and ZKSJ pumps in our online store. Please view our different types of aquarium pumps below.

OASE Pumps

Our OASE pumps are easy to install and feature inline capabilities. OASE pumps include an adjustable flow control that is built into the pump. Their energy efficiency is superb and demonstrates better output than other similar competitor pumps. Additionally, OASE pumps are both freshwater and saltwater compatible. Lightweight and powerful, these efficient pumps easily attach to the aquarium, use less energy, and provide great output.

SevenPorts carries the OASE Optimax Indoor Aquatics 135i Pump 135 gph, OASE Optimax Indoor Aquatics 250 Pump 250 gph, OASE Optimax Indoor Aquatics 285 Pump 285 gph, OASE Optimax Indoor Aquatics 560 Pump 560 gph, OASE Optimax Indoor Aquatics 800 Pump 800 gph, OASE Optimax Indoor Aquatics 1150 Pump 1150 gph, and OASE Optimax Indoor Aquatics 1420 Pump 1420 gph.

Platinum DC Blue Pumps

Our Platinum DC Blue aquarium pumps are designed with sine wave technology, ensuring super quiet operation. They feature a thickened and insulated ABS shell to help further reduce sound. In addition, they are low voltage and extremely energy efficient, making them an exceptional choice for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

We stock the Platinum DC Blue 800 Pump – 793 gph, Platinum DC Blue 1600 Pump – 1579 gph, Platinum DC Blue 2100 Pump – 2113 gph, Platinum DC Blue 3200 Pump – 3170 gph, Platinum DC Blue 20000 Pump – 5263 gph, and Platinum DC Blue 30000 Pump – 7895 gph. Be sure to check out the flow rate, head pressure, power consumption, voltage, dimensions, inlet, and outlet of each pump.

Syncra Pumps

Shop Syncra, Syncra Pro, and Syncra Advanced pumps. The simplicity of these aquarium pumps offer Sicce rotor technology and ease of maintenance. These pumps are exceptionally versatile and run either internally or externally. Syncra pumps are super quiet and have excellent energy efficiency.

Shop Syncra Pro 550 gph, Syncra Pro 1500 gph, Syncra Advanced Pump 9 2500GPH, Syncra SDC 6.0 400-1450 GPH, Syncra SDC 7.0 800-1900GPH, and Syncra SDC 9.0 1000-2500GPH. Shop all Syncra pumps by Sicce today!