CO2 Kits & Refills

SevenPorts is your online resource for CO2 products! We currently are providing CO2 kits, CO2 tablets, cartridge refills, and other products for aquarium enthusiasts to effectively care for your tank. If at any time you have questions about our CO2 kit refill products, please reach out to the team at (626) 333-5372 or

Our CO2 Kits & Refill Products

CO2 Starter Kit

Our CO2 kit is a 8 piece starter package designed for planted aquarium setups. These CO2 kits maintains the CO2 levels in your tank, to help keep your overall cost down. Its compact size makes this kit a practical choice for aquarium keeping because it stays out of sight. The Pierce CO2 8 piece starter package by Up Aqua is all you need to get going in the unique and rewarding hobby of keeping planted aquariums.

Pierce CO2 Cartridge 95 g – Single Refill

This product from Up Aqua is a Replacement CO2 Cartridge (1 single non-refillable cylinder) for the UA-149 or UA125 CO2 kit. It is made of extruded aluminum.

Refillable Aluminum CO2 Cylinder 0.5L (12oz)

Quality aluminum 12 oz. cylinders add a professional appearance to your planted aquarium setup. Ista’s aluminum CO2 cylinders safety standards are approved by Technical Inspection Association (TUV).

Refillable Aluminum CO2 Cylinder 1L (24oz)

The refillable Aluminum CO2 Cylinder 1L (24oz) will add a professional and elegant look to your aquarium's overall set up. Seamless aluminum CO2 cylinder.

CO2 Tabs Plus 20 Tablets

CO2 tabs from SevenPorts are simply placed into the according slot of the CO2 diffusion reactor. Once they make contact with the aquarium water, each tablet releases approx. 100 ml (representing 2500 counting bubbles) of CO2. They also release valuable trace elements and vitalizing substances. This provides a constant and properly dosed presence in the tank.

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Have any questions about our CO2 starter kits, CO2 tablets, cartridge refills, and other CO2 products? Please reach out to our team at (626) 333-5372 and we'll be happy to assist you.