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Speeding up maintenance and planning a planted aquarium

Iwagumi Aquarium Aquascaping

There are many ways to speed up the monthly maintenance and plant care on a rimless planted aquarium. The key is planning and designing the aquarium along with choosing equipment and aquascaping tools that make the task less challenging and more fun. How much time does it take to maintain a planted tank? Everyone loves […]

8 Common Planted Aquarium Mistakes Beginners Make

Planted Aquariums for Beginners

Are you new to planted aquarium keeping? Read this article if you’re experiencing issues with keeping a good balance in your planted aquarium or your algae are thriving, but your plants aren’t. As experts in the industry for years now, we understand that it can be pretty frustrating when your planted aquarium experience doesn’t go […]

Complete Betta Fish Care Guide

How to Care For Your Betta

Considering buying a betta fish? In this betta fish care guide, we’ll cover everything you’ll need to know about your betta, how to set up a betta tank, what to feed your betta, and more. Ready? Let’s get started! The rapid pace of our lives today isolates us from the tranquil beauty of the natural […]