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Looking for canister filters that stay out of sight and simultaneously provide excellent filtration for your planted aquarium? Look no further than the AquaTop, Oase, and UpAqua filters from SevenPorts! Arguably the easiest type of aquarium filter to hide, they keep your freshwater aquarium setup looking natural. In addition, these powerful filters are extremely versatile and run efficiently. Below are our current selection of canister filters. Have questions? Please give our team a call today at (626) 333-5372 or send us an email at

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SevenPorts is your online source for canister filters from industry-recognized brands like AquaTop, Oase, and UpAqua. Canister filters are the best choice on the market when it comes to aquarium filtration. The canister filter can provide mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration alike. This makes this filter type stand out from the various other filter types you’ll find on the market.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Canister Filters

Benefits of Canister Filters

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to opting for canister filters. First, their high water flow rate makes them an excellent choice for aquariums that require a lot of filtration flow. Some filtration products even come with spray bars/outlet tubing which helps to eliminate surface scum in your tank. Additionally, these filters are easy to set up. They also have a long lasting product life, particularly brands designed and manufactured in Germany and Italy.

Finally, many aquarium enthusiasts opt for a canister filter because of their quiet operation. The subtle sound with no vibration (as is quite common with hang on the back filters), is worth the investment for this kind of filter. Browse the best canister filters available for your planted tank.

Drawbacks of Canister Filters

The only major disadvantage to the canister filter is the need to have to regularly clean and maintain it, which requires one to entirely disassemble the filter. It requires research and knowledge to know how to properly maintain this kind of filter.

Another potential drawback for some aquarium keepers is the cost. These filters are powerful, and as a result, can cost you a couple hundred dollars. Canister filters are well worth the investment, however, if cost is an issue, you may decide to choose another type of aquarium filter.

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The filters from SevenPorts are both fresh and saltwater aquarium-compatible. Browse online on for a powerful filter for your tank! Shop quality manufactured filter brands like Oase, Up Aqua, and more. If you have any questions about our filtration products, please reach out to us at (626) 333-5372 or