Platinum DC Slim Wave Pumps

Superior Performance & Reliability to Match


Energy Saving

Variable Wave Making

High Flow Rate

For Fresh & Salt Water

Easy to Disassemble

ShopPlatinum Slim Wave Makers

Platinum DC Slim Wave 1600 Pump – 1579 gph
Platinum DC Slim Wave 2600 Pump – 2642 gph
Platinum DC Slim Wave 5200 Pump – 5263 gph
Platinum DC Slim Wave 8000 Pump – 7894 gph

Small, Beautiful, & Powerful

Full Controllability

with Built-In Safety Shut Offs and With a Fault Indicator to Facilitate Troubleshooting


Equipped with 5-Prop Impeller

for Slim Design & High Flow

Designed to enhance coral growth and feeding

Helps aeration and removal of fish waste

Improves aquascaping

Best in Class Size-to-Flow Ratio

Slim Wave is Easy to Hide & Does Not Distract From Aquascaping

Warranty Included

Comes with a 5 Year Warranty on the Pump Motor and a 3 Year Warranty on the Power Adapter

Updated Sine Wave Technology

for Super Quiet Operation

10dB Flower Blossom
19dB Slim Wave Pump
20-40dB Tick-Tock Clock
50dB Flipbook
60-80dB Vacuum Cleaner
90dB Car Horns

Product Specifications

Slim 1600

Model Slim 1600
Voltage DC12V
Flow Rate 1579gph
Max Power 14W
Min Power 3W
Size 1.9″ x 1.9″ x 2.1″

Slim 2600

Model Slim 2600
Voltage DC24V
Flow Rate 2642gph
Max Power 20W
Min Power 6W
Size 2.4” x 2.4” x 2.6”

Slim 5200

Model Slim 5200
Voltage DC24V
Flow Rate 5263gph
Max Power 40W
Min Power 6W
Size 2.9” x 2.9” x 3.2”

Slim 8000

Model Slim 8000
Voltage DC24V
Flow Rate 7894gph
Max Power 70W
Min Power 10W
Size 4.1” x 4.1” x 4.1”

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Turbine-shaped protection net helps prevent foreign matter from entering pump

5-Prop pump head for strong and reliable flow

Strong, magnetic base with suction cups make the pump body more stable and quiet

S = Time/Mode Setting

F = Feeding

M = Move Button

+ = Increase Button

Model Slim 1600 Slim 2600
Pump Cord 80.1 inches 80.1 inches
Controller Cord 5 inches 5 inches
Plug Cord ——— 19.7 inches
UC Power Supply Cord
39 inches 59 inches
Model Slim 5200 Slim 8000
Pump Cord 98 inches 98 inches
Controller Cord 5 inches 5 inches
Plug Cord 47 inches 47 inches
UC Power Supply Cord
47 inches 47 inches

Additionally Includes Intake Screen *Not Shown

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“We like that little powerhead a lot” — Steve @ Preuss Pets

“Overall I definitely like them.” — Matt @ Upscale Aquatics

“We really like the the Slim Wave powerhead” — Don @ Premier Aquatics

“That small wave pump is really cool. We have them on our
holding system. Very impressed so far.” — Mike @ Aquarium Design Group

“Super quiet pump, moves a ton of water using half the space!
We love the stream pump! The low profile and quiet operation are
big pluses.” — Chris @ Tideline Aquatics

“Absolutely fabulous, most innovative pump in years, exceptional flow and quiet too! Second to none with features other pumps need.” — Bob @ Bob’s Tropical

“I have the platinum blue pump and the Slim Wave Pump. I love them.” — E Harris FB

Technician’s Assessment

“In my humble opinion that pump is everything it’s predecessor is not but should. This has nothing to with the ability to move water..they both do
that quite well..more to do with simple but important design

The Platinum pump has a series of small suction cups on the “wet side”..a thoroughly effective means of securing the pump on the
inside. It does not move without your moving physically. The outside magnet is also stronger..nearly redundant as such
but it is a beautiful thing. The Platinum is a dream to use because
of those factors and that it is highly programmable as well. I endorse it comfortably.”

— John @ Manhattan Aquariums