New VIV Items


Each hand blown glass item from VIV offers professional functionality in the aquarium without compromising the natural beauty.  The crystal clear borosilicate glass used in these items is the same material used to craft high-end lab equipment.  Crafted with the highest standards and attention to the smallest detail, each of these items is sure to impress even the most seasoned aquarist!

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VIV press

Send food straight to the bottom of the tank with the Bottom Feeding Tube!  Without this tool, food destined for the bottom of the tank could be picked off by fish or swept away by the current.  This is the easiest addition to ensure waste-free target feeding.  With a tube diameter of .6 inch, it can be placed almost anywhere in the tank.  The crystal clear glass allows the user to easily visualize the food as it descends to its proper place.  Use alone to target feed, or pair it with the shrimp and bottom feeding dish to ensure no scrap of food enters the substrate.

Bottom Feeding Tube 370mm Glass


Keep your hands clean of fish food with the Standing Feeder!  Ergonomically designed to comfortably and securely fit the users hand, this feeder brings pleasure back to the fish feeding process.  The plunger is designed to be depressed easily with a finger or thumb, putting complete control in the hands of the user.  When feeding is complete, simply release the plunger and the feeder can be stored upright on a desk or in a cabinet.  No need to wash smelly fish food off your hands because you haven’t touched it!

Feeder Glass Standing Upright




For many aquarists who keep ornamental shrimp, planaria can become a real issue. These worms attack and kill vulnerable shrimp, and fighting them with chemicals could also harm the shrimp.  The Planaria Trap is a simple and effective way to combat them.  A small amount of food placed inside the trap lures them in, and the design prevents them from finding a way out.  The lid can easily be removed by the user so that any caught worms can be disposed.  The crystal clear glass makes this trap an unobtrusive solution to planaria in a display aquarium.

Planaria Trap 140mm Glass




While filtration is 100% necessary for a healthy, beautiful tank, sometimes the equipment can be an eyesore.  This Overflow System is a nearly transparent solution that is easy to use.

OverFlow System Glass


The addition of air is always good for an aquarium, but lights can be ruined by the water splatter that occurs. Rimless aquariums will begin to show water spots above the air stone.  This Dissolved Oxygen Reactor is the crystal clear answer.

Dissolved Oxygen Reactor Glass


Think all aquascaping tools are the same? Then you haven’t tried VIV’s tools!  The Straight and Curved Trimming Scissors feature a stainless steel, high polish finish that resists rust and corrosion.  The cutting edges feature tungsten carbide, which is much harder than stainless steel, to ensure sharpness that outlasts the competition.  Don’t just crush and break plant stems when you trim them, slice through them cleanly to ensure healthy, beautiful plants!

Straight Trimming Scissors

Curved Trimming Scissors


The Polka Glass Stick-on Feeder or Planter is a multi-purpose tool that can be a great addition to any aquarium.  The suction cups securely adhere to the glass, allowing placement at any level.  Feed sinking food to mid-level swimmers, or keep an emersed plant in any aquarium!



Polka Glass Stick-on Feeder or Planter



An excellent option for feeding worms to any aquarium dweller is VIVs Worm Feeder.  The crystal clear unit securely attaches to the glass and disappears into the aquascape.  It is not only perfect for feeding worms, but it can also be used for frozen food that would otherwise float until thawed.

Worm Feeder Glass





VIVs Floating Feeding Ring is the professional choice for containing floating food until fish consume it.  While fulfilling its purpose, this ring will not distract from the elegance of your aquarium.

Floating Feeding Ring Glass

The beautifully crafted Shrimp and Bottom Feeding Dish is an exciting way to feed shrimp without allowing excess food to enter the substrate.  Use with the Standing Feeder to further enhance the functionality.

Shrimp & Bottom Feeding Dish Glass 70mm


Once again, VIV has offered an unobtrusive solution for filtration equipment!  The Sea Skimmer Glass Nano Protein Skimmer is designed for the nano reef aquarium.  This skimmer allows for efficient protein skimming in the smallest footprint available.  Not only is this unit displacing the minimum amount of space necessary, the crystal clear glass ensures that it doesn’t distract from the beauty of the reef.

Sea Skimmer Glass Nano Protein Skimmer






Aquascaping is not a chore if you have beautiful tools to get the job done!  VIV’s professional grade Tweezers bring fun and excitement to the work necessary for the most beautiful planted tank.  Its ergonomic design makes the work easy, and high quality stainless steel allows the tools to outlast the competition.

Pro Tweezers XL – 12”

Cusp Pinsette Tweezers Small – Fine Point – 6”