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Looking for the rimless aquarium of your dreams? A beautiful rimless aquarium allows you to watch your spectacular reef or freshwater setup teeming with life. Each one of our tanks provide a crystal-clear view of your fish, snails, crabs, plants, coral, and other aquatic plants and creatures.

No matter if you are a beginner just starting out in the fish-keeping hobby, or you are an aquarium enthusiast with decades of experience, we have rimless aquariums available for everyone.

Quality Rimless Tanks

Need a small, aesthetically-pleasing rimless tank for your bookshelf display? Or do you need a much larger setup to sit adjacent to your TV in your living room? Here in our online store, we have many rimless aquarium options to choose from, as well as aquariums and stands. Please browse our options to find the right shape and dimension. Shop rectangular, square, cube, and bow front aquarium shape styles. Our florescent tanks are a great choice for children who want to care for their betta or other small fish. In addition, we have iconic black pearl with black silicone rims, ultra clear, and other glass options. We stock rimless aquariums from trusted brands like Hydra Aquatics, Mr. Aqua, and Up Aqua.

Rimless Aquariums vs Traditional Braced Aquariums

As you browse our rimless tanks, you may be wondering what the pros and cons are of rimless aquariums vs traditional braced aquariums. Some benefits of these beautiful tanks include 1.) they use thick glass, 2.) they use silicone for better strength and added aesthetic appeal, and 3.) the glass is usually a high purity glass with low iron that looks stunning. In addition, the aquarist has easier access to the top of the aquarium while caring for fish and plants and cleaning.

A few drawbacks to rimless tanks are that you can see the waterline and they can't support as much water as can traditional, braced aquariums can. In the end, the type of aquarium you end up choosing really depends on your preference.

Hydra Aquatics Rimless Aquariums

Our Hydra Aquatics rimless aquariums include gorgeous tank options with black backgrounds or ultra clear glass. With these rimless aquariums, you have the options of black silicone edges, or more subtle clear edges. Regardless of your choice, the aquariums from Hydra Aquatics provide exceptional strength. You can expect a stunning view with museum-quality glass!

Many of the aquarium options from Hydra Aquatics feature 45 degree mitered edges for additional strength. Shop Hydra Aquatics tanks today.

Mr. Aqua Rimless Tanks

Mr. Aqua rimless tanks provide exceptional viewing with our stylized bow front, Nano bending, and cube aquariums. Some of our aquarium options are very small, such as the Serene mini and baby bookshelf aquariums. Our smaller tanks are perfect for small schools of fish or a single fish.

Mr. Aqua utilizes thicker glass to ensure increased rigidity and strength. Manufactured in Germany with careful precision and an eye for detail, Mr. Aqua aquariums come with a one year warranty.

Up Aqua Rimless Aquariums

The Up Aqua manufacturer provides Nano fluorescent and bending tanks. These visually-appealing aquariums are meticulously assembled and feature true beveled cut glass for incredible viewing. In addition, they are crafted with high strength silicone, to ensure that the aquarium is both watertight and rigid. Shop Up Aqua today.

Shop Rimless Reef Tanks

When it comes to rimless reef tanks, SevenPorts is committed to the utmost quality. Few aquariums on the market compare to the quality and precision of the engineering of the glass, strength of the silicone, and rims of these tanks. If you plan on building a quality reef tank, look no further than the Mr. Aqua, Hydra Aquatics, and Up Aqua brands! Whether you plan on doing some Nano aquatic gardening in your tank, or want to care for a large school of fish — the choice is yours! Shop high quality rimless aquariums on, or get in touch with us at 1 (626) 333-5372 for more info. Get the aquarium setup of your dreams today!