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Hydra Aquatics CO2 Pro Glassware makes your planted tank more beautiful than ever.

Hydra Aquatics is proud to announce their all new professional glassware. This hand crafted glassware is made by professional glass makers in our factory. Hydra Aquatics Glass CO2 diffusers and bubble counters are the highest quality. See the video review below and learn why. • Professional Glassware crafted by the finest artisan glass blowersto Hydra […]

PRESS RELEASE: Platinum Series DC Pumps are here!

Platinum Blue Series Pump

Knoxville, TN— introduces its Platinum Series low voltage DC aquarium pumps, with local company Aquarium Life Support Systems leading the national distribution network. Featuring technical advances not available in other product ranges, the Platinum Series includes both the “Slim Wave” and “Blue Series” pumps. The Platinum DC Slim Wave pump range is quiet, energy efficient, […]

Aquarium Botanicals: Alder Cones

What are Alder Cones? Alder cones are the catkins of black alder trees (Alnus glutinosa). These trees originate from Europe, but have also been introduced to many parts of the United States and Canada. They look like tiny pine cones and turn brown, their characteristic color, during the fall. They contain the alder tree’s seeds […]

CS Pro Flake Calanus & Spirulina Food

Aquarium Blog Post

CS Pro Flake Calanus & Spirulina Food 1oz Manufacturer: Aquarium Life Support Systems Aquarium Life Support Systems continues to offer the highest quality, scientifically formulated products at price points reflecting true value. Our CS PRO Calanus Spirulina Flake fish food is no exception. Formulated from the best ingredients, and fortified with vitamins and probiotics, CS PRO […]