Aquascaping Tanks

Aquascaping is the art of laying out aquatic plants, rocks, stones, substrate, gravel, driftwood and other materials to create an appealing tank design. There are several popular aquascaping tank styles to choose from. Aquascaping tanks are beautiful to look at and are especially rewarding when time is put into their appearance.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced aquarium enthusiast, aquascpaing a tank is an exciting hobby that requires a skill of arranging plants, hardscape materials, and substrate alike to make a beautiful setup. There are several factors which need to be taken into consideration in order to build the aquascaping tank you’ve always dreamed of. Aquascaping supplies include Lighting, water filters, carbon dioxide, fertilizers, water parameters, substrate, hardscape materials, and proportion, which are just some of the essentials that go into building your aquascaping aquarium. Read here for the basics of aquascaping.

Aquascaping Aquariums

Some aquarium hobbyists spend a considerable amount of time drawing up their aquarium design before beginning the actual aquascaping process. In addition to layout, aquarists should also consider filtration, lighting, algae growth, proportion, as well as the appropriate shrimp and fish species as they design their aquascaping tank.

Some of the most popular aquascaping aquarium builds include the Dutch Aquarium, Jungle Aquarium, Iwagumi Aquarium, and Nature Aquarium. Depending on your level of experience or preference, a certain aquarium style may be the better choice. Below is an overview of just a few of our favorite styles if you plan to aquascape your own aquarium. Read more about practical aquascaping techniques and about what is aquascaping here.

The Dutch Aquarium

Dutch Aquarium Aquascaping

This aquascaping tank style, called the Dutch aquarium, was popularized in the 1930s. The Dutch tank style is focused on the arrangement of aquatic plants without hardscape materials, rocks, or driftwood. Aquarists need to have a good understanding of aquatic plants in order to create this attractive aquascaping style.

The Jungle Aquarium

Jungle Aquarium

This simple aquacaping style is one of these easier styles to create. As suggested by its name, the final setup should have the appearance of a wild, untamed jungle. The benefit of choosing this style is that it requires less maintenance than other setups. In addition, a number of fish species thrive in the thick vegetation environment that this aquascaping tank style offers.

The Iwagumi Aquarium

Iwagumi Aquarium Aquascaping

This Iwagumi aquascape tank is an asymmetrical, Japanese style, and gets its name from a Japanese gardening technique. The Iwagumi aquarium setup is comprised mainly of rocks and only a few plants. A simple style using low-growing plants, three rocks, and a few small fish, this aquascaping tank style is designed with simplicity in mind. The Iwagumi tank setup gives a peaceful and calming feeling to the viewer. Although it is simple, it may take many attempts to get the Iwagumi layout to look just right.

The Nature Aquarium

Nature Aquarium

Unlike the Dutch aquarium style, the Nature aquarium setup is designed to be a snapshot of a freshwater scene from nature. Nature aquariums can mimic the natural beauty of rainforests, mountains, hillsides, and valleys. For this aquascaping tank style, hardscape materials and plants alike are needed for your setup. You and your viewers alike will enjoy the natural scene that this aquarium style provides.

Aquascaping Supplies

Sevenports provides not only the aquascaping tank to start your dream setup, but also the aquascaping supplies you’ll need to ensure your livestock and plants are thriving in their new aquatic habitat. From lighting and filtration, to substrates and rocks, we have everything you need to design your tank’s layout.


When it comes to aquascaping supplies, lighting is the heart of the aquarium and is crucial for the health and growth of your aquatic plants. Investing in the proper lighting for your aquarium will ensure that your plants will grow and thrive. Our online store is your source for LED aquarium lights, flouresent hoods, and other essential aquascaping supplies. Purchase aquarium lights today to promote plant growth and brighten up your aquascaping aquarium!

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Water filters remove excess fish food, fish waste, toxic chemicals, and decaying matter in your tank setup. You will want either a mechanical, biological, or chemical water filter. Combining these different types of filtration allows for a more effective water treatment, leading to clean, healthy water for both your fish and plants. Visit our filtration category to shop for the water filters and other aquascaping supplies you’ll need for your aquascpaing tank.

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Gravel & Substrates

As you set up your aquascaping tank, you will need to also choose the right substrates for your aquarium. Aquatic plants absorb nutrients not only through their leaves, but also through their roots, which makes a correct selection of aquascaping substrate very important. Depending on the size of your plants, the correct choice of substrate will ensure your plants will grow proportionately to their species’ size, development, and color.

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Decorate your aquascaping tank with driftwood, neon corals, ornaments, plastic and silk plants, rocks and stones, shrimp caves, and more. Aquarium hobbyists of all skill levels will enjoy the challenge of aquascaping their aquarium with these decorations. In addition, your fish and shrimp will have additional places to hide. Shop our decorations category for hardscapes and decorative items to add to your aquascaping tank.

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Aquascaping tanks Rocks

Aquascape your tank with aquarium rocks and stones! Sevenports is your source for cool rocks and other hardscapes for your aquarium setup. Among our selection of rocks are Dragon stones, Seiryu stones, Samurai stones, Exotica Mountain stones, and more.

When it comes to texture, color, and size of aquascaping rocks, we’ve got you covered! Use these rocks to set up your dream Iwagumi aquarium, or simply decorate the bottom of your display tank to make your aquascaping setup visually pop. No matter which you choose, the natural-looking textures and shapes of these rocks will make your aquarium look stunning! Not only that, but viewers will enjoy looking at these natural rocks jutting up out of an arrangement of lush green plants and teeming fish. Shop aquascaping rocks now to get started on your dream aquarium setup.

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Aquascaping tanks Ideas

From the detailed Dutch Aquarium style to the simplicity of the Iwagumi setup, you will want to explore all your aquascaping ideas. Browse our aquascaping ideas below to see what other aquarists have done. Be inspired by the different choices of plants, fish, shrimp, substrate, and rocks and let your creativity run wild! In addition, your careful research and passion for aquarium keeping will help you make your decision. Keep in mind that the aquascaping idea you end up going with will also impact the types of fish, plants, substrate, rocks, and decorations you will add to the tank. If you have questions, contact the aquarium experts at SevenPorts and we can discuss aquascaping ideas with you, such as our Aquascaping Q&A Part 1 and Part 2 with Jeff Miotke, or visit our blog for more valuable information about aquascaping, planted tanks, and the fishkeeping hobby. Read also our aquascaping 101 guide for more “how-tos” about aquariums and fishkeeping.

Aquascaping 101