Shop Neon Corals

If you have a reef aquarium and you want to enjoy the beauty of neon corals without the hard work that goes into caring for them, why not consider artificial coral? These decorative neon corals bring a wide array of color to your freshwater or saltwater tank including blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple. In addition to looking beautiful, our fake coral products also are built to last for many years to come.

Our fake corals were designed by AZOO to specifically simulate the real movement of coral. In addition, AZOO’s artificial coral is reef-safe for your fish, plants, and overall aquarium. To keep the coral in place, some of the coral products we provide feature a weighted base.

All Species of Neon Corals

Coral in real life is incredibly diverse, so to add realism to your tank, you will want to include many species in your aquascape. These life-like neon corals resemble the following species of coral: Actinia Cari, Anemonia Sulcata, Caulerpa, Discosoma, Eucheuma, Serra, Goniopora Lobata, Goniopora Stohesi, Palythoa, Protula Magnifica, Tubastrea Coccinea, and Vidalia Ahtusiloba.

Artificial Coral Benefits:

Our artificial coral provides the following benefits for your tank:

  • Lifelike & Colorful - Designed to look exactly like real coral, your saltwater or freshwater aquarium will be a great conversation starter when you add colorful coral to your tank! In addition, you can save time, money, and effort that comes with the dedication of keeping live coral.
  • Habitat Improvement - Coral, rocks, and other decorative aquascaping supplies not only provide color, but also a safe haven for fish and invertebrates. They can hide or sleep among the fake coral, just like they would if they lived among real coral in an ocean habitat.
  • Bold, Permanent Colors - Bold colors, designed by AZOO from safe poly materials, are completely non-toxic to your fish and invertebrates. These colors will last a long time with no fading. Enjoy bold, lifelike color for many years to come!
  • Clean Aquarium - Artificial corals are quick and easy to clean. With permanent coloration, you don't have to worry about accidentally rubbing off paint or needing to soak them in hydrogen peroxide to remove algae.