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No matter if you are a hobbyist just getting started out in aquarium keeping, or you are a knowledgeable expert with decades of experience, we have aquariums and stands available for your use. At SevenPorts, we provide quality-engineered aquariums and stands from trusted manufacturers in the aquarium-making industry. These include Hydra Aquatics, Mr. Aqua, Oase, and Up Aqua, among others. Shop beautiful rimless tanks, aquarium packages and kits, aquarium mats, betta bowls and tanks, and more. Have questions? Please direct all questions to 1 (626) 333-5372. Our aquarium experts will be happy to assist you.

Aquarium Hoods and Tops

We have corner holders and glass clips available for the aquarium enthusiast. These products from Up Aqua help to prevent fish from escaping and also work to reduce evaporation. Additionally, our corner holders and glass clips are specifically for use on rimless tanks. Shop all accessories for aquarium hoods and tops in our online store today.

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Aquarium Mats

Need an aquarium mat? We have aquarium mat options for many of our rimless tanks. Our aquarium mats are made of enclosed cell foam and come in a number of shapes suitable to the dimensions of the tank you choose. Please browse our aquarium mats category and enjoy great deals!

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Aquarium Packages & Kits

Our aquarium packages are from Hydra Aquatics, Oase, and UpAqua. If preferred, you can shop our larger rimless tanks, or there's the option of smaller biOrb AIR LED, biOrb FLOW, biOrb HALO, or biOrb LIFE terrarium tanks. With easy assembly, these terrarium and aquarium packages and kits are a great starter kit for the new aquarist. The acrylic provides a clear view into the tank. In addition, they provide plenty of room for small flora and fauna like frogs, orchids, air plants, mosses, small fish, shrimp, carnivorous plants, and more. The strength of the acrylic also ensures better durability, making these smaller terrariums a great option.

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Aquarium Packages & Kits Drilled

Our drilled aquarium packages and kits are from Hydra Aquatics. The Beluga and Dolphin Pro Aquariums come with a pre-drilled return hole and Real Loc-Line Outlet for easy adjustment. In addition, each aquarium comes with beautiful, ultra-thick glass, and Black German silicone for a striking look. Shop aquarium packages today.

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Betta Bowls & Tanks

Are you just starting out in the aquarium-keeping hobby? Or do you have a child or teenager interested in keeping a fish or invertebrate? Our betta bowls and betta fish tanks may be the perfect option for you! Our .46 and .88 gallon betta fish tanks feature a unique neo green silicone to complement the colorful fish and other creatures that reside in your tank.

In addition to our small glass tanks, we also have the Betta Box and Nano Easy Tank. These tanks are suitable for other small aquatic animals like shrimp and crabs.

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Rimless Aquariums & Iconic

If you prefer rimless aquariums over traditional rimmed tanks, then you have come to the right place! SevenPorts is your source for high-quality glass German-siliconed rimless aquariums. Our rimless aquariums are available from Hydra Aquatics, Mr. Aqua, and Up Aqua, and we have many tanks from these brands currently in stock. No matter if you prefer rectangular, bow front, square, cube, or tower, we have virtually every shape and dimension you need.

Rimless aquariums come with many benefits, including ease of access to feed your fish and care for your aquarium. The quality engineering of the glass tanks is really what makes them stand out from the competition. Shop rimless aquariums today!

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