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Speeding up maintenance and planning a planted aquarium

Iwagumi Aquarium Aquascaping

There are many ways to speed up the monthly maintenance and plant care on a rimless planted aquarium. The key is planning and designing the aquarium along with choosing equipment and aquascaping tools that make the task less challenging and more fun. How much time does it take to maintain a planted tank? Everyone loves […]

8 Common Planted Aquarium Mistakes Beginners Make

Planted Aquariums for Beginners

Are you new to planted aquarium keeping? Read this article if you’re experiencing issues with keeping a good balance in your planted aquarium or your algae are thriving, but your plants aren’t. As experts in the industry for years now, we understand that it can be pretty frustrating when your planted aquarium experience doesn’t go […]

How to Maintain and Siphon Aquascaped Aquarium Substrates and Soils?

Should you siphon your aquasoil substrate? Aquasoils like Mr Aqua, UP Aqua, Azoo, and other brands are now standard in many planted tank setups. Still, very few sources, if any, cover how to maintain aquasoil substrates for months or years after it is used. Many of the concepts here will apply to inert substrate tanks […]

Aquascaper Aquariums: Inspiration For Planted Rimless Aquarium Setups

These aquascaper aquariums are from some of the best aquascaping professionals in the world. Take a look at some of these fabulous displays for inspiration for when you design your very first planted tank! Whether you are new or a seasoned aquarist, you’ll need supplies to help you get started on your dream setup. So […]

Professional Tools for Cultivating Your Planted Aquarium

Hydra Aquatics new professional aquascaping tools. Take a look at some of the best tools for aquascaping.

Hydra Aquatics CO2 Pro Glassware Diffusers and Bubble Counters.

Hydra Aquatics is proud to announce their all new professional glassware. This hand crafted glassware is made by professional glass makers in our factory. Hydra Aquatics Glass CO2 diffusers and bubble counters are the highest quality. See the video review below and learn why. • Professional Glassware crafted by the finest artisan glass blowersto Hydra […]

Canister Filters: The Superior Choice for Planted Tank Filtration

Choosing the Best Canister Filter Looking for the best canister filter for your planted aquarium? Ensuring you have a high quality filter in your tank can make all the difference for your plant, fish, and invertebrates’ health. Of all the methods of filtration available for the planted freshwater tank, canister filters have long been the superior […]