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Complete Betta Fish Care Guide

How to Care For Your Betta

Considering buying a betta fish? In this betta fish care guide, we’ll cover everything you’ll need to know about your betta, how to set up a betta tank, what to feed your betta, and more. Ready? Let’s get started! The rapid pace of our lives today isolates us from the tranquil beauty of the natural […]

Eight 8 Best Algae Eaters For Your Planted Tank

Otocinclus Fish

Types of Algae Eaters If you are getting started in the aquarium keeping hobby, you’ll definitely need to purchase a few algae eaters for your tank to significantly reduce algae growth in your tank. Different algae eaters consume different forms of algae. The types of algae eaters vary from fish to shrimp to snails. Fish […]

The Hidden Benefits of Almond Leaves

Breeders in Southeast Asia noticed long ago that fish and shrimp that lived in waters next to any Terminalia Catappa tree, or the tropical Indian almond tree from the Leadwood tree family, were found to be healthier and more vibrant than their counterparts in other waters. Almond leaves have been used in the aquarium industry for […]