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Are you looking for quality betta bowls? A betta bowl is the perfect choice to display on your bookshelf, nightstand, or small dresser. These small, beautiful fluorescent tanks really stand out from the competition due to their unique colored silicone and premium glass. Your living room, bedroom, or nightstand will look stunning with a gorgeous betta tank. Shop all our betta bowl options below.

At SevenPorts, we have a number of options to choose from. We sell quality betta tanks from trusted manufacturers like Up Aqua. Shop aquariums and stands from us, or give us a call at 1 (626) 333-5372 or send us an email at to get started!

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Proudly display your bettas or other freshwater fish with one of our quality glass betta tanks! One of the benefits of choosing our betta tanks is that many of our smaller tanks like these are quite affordable. In addition, with a small betta tank, you will find that they are relatively easy to manage.

Fluorescent betta tanks come with silicone in a neon blue, pink, green, and orange color. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of your betta tank, complementing your plants and betta fish. The bright-colored silicone makes your tank look great on a bookshelf, nightstand, or an aquarium stand.

Betta Tank Setup

Once you've selected your betta tank, you'll want to ensure that the surface you plan to place it is flat and sturdy. Place your betta bowl or tank on a sturdy, heavy-duty bookshelf, nightstand, dresser, or purchase an aquarium stand. Next, you'll want to install your filter, add your gravel, and set up your plants and decorations. Pro-tip: for plants, ensure you place the tallest ones in the back on the tank so you can easily see your betta.

When filling up your tank with water, be sure to leave about an inch at the top. This is because your betta, since it is an anabantoid (a fish with a lung-like labyrinth organ), can breathe air at the top.

Betta Fish Care

Not only can you keep betta fish in these tanks, you can also keep a variety of other aquatic species as well. This includes other small fish species, small turtles or tortoises, shrimp, crabs, and snails. Learn about everything you need to know about betta fish for a better understanding of fish care and more. Betta bowls are especially appealing to children who are new to the fishkeeping hobby. If you want to get your child started in a hobby that encourages responsibility, keeping a betta fish is a great choice that doesn't overwhelm them. Learn more about betta fish care.

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Your betta fish will need a spacious enough tank to thrive in. Other aquarium products you'll likely need for your betta tank/bowl include quality lighting, filtration, a pH testing kit, a wave maker, substrate, live or fake plants, rocks, and more. For questions, please give one of our expert aquarists a call at 1 (626) 333-5372. We are happy to help you choose the right betta tank which will give your betta fish enough room to thrive in. We can also provide you food, filtration, and other products and information you'll need to keep your betta fish happy and healthy.