Up-Aqua Shrimp Sand

Aquarium Blog Post

SevenPorts is adding Up-Aqua Shrimp Sand to our substrate inventory. The Up-Aqua Shrimp Sand is specifically formulated to be mineral rich. Thus providing micro amounts of minerals required to sustain colonies of freshwater shrimps. Up-Aqua Shrimp Sand also contains buffering capabilities, automatically softening water and lowering PH to roughly 6.0 – 6.5.

This shrimp specific substrate has shown positive results in the breeding community. Overall health and color is improved as well as breeding rates and survival rates. Having appropriate dissolved minerals is essential to the life cycles of most if not all invertebrates. Proper mineral availability aids in molting and exoskeleton developments. The mineral buffering capacity of Up Aqua Shrimp Sand will outlast other substrates marketed towards shrimps.

The substrate can also function as plant media with the use of additional fertilizer tablets and liquid nutrients to further enrich the substrate with nutrients plants requires. Addition of plants to an aquarium will add a new level of naturalism to the setup. As well as provide shelter and hiding places.

Trace amount of plant specific nutrient are also added to support lush healthy plant growth. We do recommend the additional use of fertilizer in liquid and pellet form to maintain ideal nutrient levels for optimal plant growth.

Shrimp sand contains proprietary blend of minerals as well as Montmorillonite minerals.
PH buffering capacities of approximately 6.5
Retains granular shape