Ceramic Cichlid Rocks.

Aquarium Blog Post

Having difficulty making a natural rock habitat for your rock dwelling fishes? We are introducing a line of Cichlid Rocks. Stackable ceramic based rock decorations. These decorative pieces are made to replicate the natural look and feel of real stones – without the added weight. There is finally an alternative to loading up aquariums with heavy rocks/stones. When using Cichlid stones, users can blend in natural rocks to make an aquascape with the Cichlid Stones.  These Cichlid rocks have been used and proven in the breeding community. With the help of SevenPorts distributions, Cichlid Stones are now being made available to regular aquatic hobbyists. Keepers of Cichlids, Plecos, Loaches and bottom dwellers will appreciate the addition of Cichlid Stones – Providing natural like cover for inhabitants which will encourage breeding and natural colors.