Slim Wave and Blue Pump Updates

New Version 2 Controller Instructions and Updates

Slim Wave Pump Update

Install the Slim Wave Maker 6-8″ below the water level and position to the desired direction of flow. The direction of the water outlet can be adjusted manually. (The Slim 1600 cannot be adjusted.)

The Controller Panel

The Blue Pump Controller Panel Update

Power the Blue Pump on. It will go directly into Mode 1 (Constant Flow Mode), which also sets the starting flow for Mode 2 (Pulse Wave Mode), and Mode 3 (Gyre Wave Mode). Press the M button to change the mode. 1-XX Mode 1 (Constant Flow Mode), 2-XX Mode 2 (Pulse Wave Mode), 3-XX Mode 3 (Gyre Wave Mode).
NOTE: How the pump creates the wave: Set a starting flow for the pump and the pump will change from start flow to max flow with a different frequency. Before setting Mode 2 and Mode 3, set the starting flow by Mode 1 first.