Nano Bending Aquarium D – 17 Gal. 23.6″ x 12″ x 14.25″ – Sold in set of 4 sizes including A, B, C, D


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Up Aqua Nano Bending Aquarium D

– 17 Gallon Aquarium

– 23.6″ x 12″ x 14.25″

– Curved seamless front edge

– Exotic look inspires creativity

– Provided placement mat for protection

Up Aqua has done it again! With a curved seamless front edge, the Up Aqua Bending Aquarium is in a league of its own. With no front seams, you will never have to worry about the color change of silicone in the front of your aquarium again. Whether you set up a planted aquarium or saltwater aquascape, your aquarium will come to life! The innovation of this aquarium keeps the aquascaper in mind, while enhancing every aspect of your setup. A thin black mat is already secured to its base to help protect the tank. The exotic look of this aquarium inspires creativity and takes your planted aquarium experience to the next level!

Back to nature, enjoy your daily life!