Aquarium Brings Joy

Aquarium Brings Unexpected Joy to Developmentally Disabled Teen

Sevenports was pleased to play a role with this well known non-profit in a memorable experience.

“I just wanted to share with you the exceptionally positive impact that the 25-gallon cube aquarium had on the disabled youth who got that tank. The teenage girl who got that tank suffers from autism. Her autism makes it difficult for her to be around people to the point where she can only attend school two days a week. Usually, she is nonverbal. Her parents thought that when we came over to set up the tank, she would withdraw from us and maybe even hide from us.

Her parents were shocked when we delivered the tank this past weekend. She interacted with us. She spoke with us about the aquarium and its maintenance. There were two children in that family. The only reasons that I knew that she was handicapped when I met with her were because we set it up in her room and from information from her parents.

That aquarium helped a severely autistic girl to have at least one great day where she could speak and otherwise interact with people who she just met that day. It was amazing! As another volunteer said as we were driving home after we were done, “It was a million-dollar day!”. I am looking forward to finding out from her parents if this new tank leads to long term improvements of her condition.”

The Arc, Central Susquehanna Valley, PA