Silicon quality – Mr. Aqua


Silicone quality can differ in terms of tensile strength and purpose of use. Silicone can be used to bond many types of material together. However when it comes to aquarium, the bond is on a molecular level – thus providing an extremely strong bond at the seams. Glass is naturally a silicate. When using Silicone to bond the glass together, the bond itself is technically stronger than the glass. That is, if the silicon used is high quality.

The quality can differ, and the variable at play are purity of silicone, and quality of silicone mix. Mr. Aqua frameless aquariums are assembled using the highest quality of silicone available for aquarium use. The silicone being used is synthesized in Germany for assembling the aquariums. Silicone and Glass are both types of Silicates. When Silicone is applied to the seam of the aquarium, the bond withheld is on a molecular level. Normally the bond itself is the strongest point of the aquarium – where two glass meets and is adhered together. After the aquarium has been assembled it is than transferred to a curing room for final silicone cure before shipping to retailers. This final step assures us and they consumer that the silicone is fully cured and has retained its full tensile strength. The silicone is of such quality that in it’s uncured state, it can not be imported into the states. All Mr. Aqua tanks that enters the states has to have fully cured silicone.

Please keep in mind that not all silicone are the same and safe for aquarium use. Silicone does come in a variety of strengths and quality. We only utilize the best possible silicone for the assembly of our frameless aquariums.

We are having a great track record with our manufacturers and have yet to see any seam splitting.

However – if any leaks, or splitting of seams have occurred. Please contact us directly as we warrant all of our aquariums for 1 year to be free from any manufacturer defect. Please retain purchase receipt for proof of purchase date.

(Be aware that general purpose silicon might not be safe for aquariums as they might contain fungicides.)