PRESS RELEASE: Platinum Series DC Pumps are here!

Platinum Blue Series Pump

Knoxville, TN— introduces its Platinum Series low voltage DC aquarium pumps, with local company Aquarium Life Support Systems leading the national distribution network. Featuring technical advances not available in other product ranges, the Platinum Series includes both the “Slim Wave” and “Blue Series” pumps. The Platinum DC Slim Wave pump range is quiet, energy efficient, […]

Aquarium Botanicals: Alder Cones

What are Alder Cones? Alder cones are the catkins of black alder trees (Alnus glutinosa). These trees originate from Europe, but have also been introduced to many parts of the United States and Canada. They look like tiny pine cones and turn brown, their characteristic color, during the fall. They contain the alder tree’s seeds […]

Fighting Algae One Step at a Time

Algae is one of the first things to grow in any new aquarium. In a planted aquarium, algae can grow even more rampantly when water parameters are not balanced or lighting and fertilizers are overused. Algae is an expert at taking advantage of rapid water quality changes, excess nutrients, and light. Algae can be maintained […]