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Reverse Osmosis – RO Filter Guide

The following Reverse Osmosis RO guide will cover everything needed to purchase, set up, troubleshoot, and implement RO in your aquascaping setup or saltwater reef aquarium. Why do you need an RO filter? Most natural tropical waters have a water hardness of GH 4-5. US water hardness differs from county to county in each state, […]

Speeding up maintenance and planning a planted aquarium

Iwagumi Aquarium Aquascaping

There are many ways to speed up the monthly maintenance and plant care on a rimless planted aquarium. The key is planning and designing the aquarium along with choosing equipment and aquascaping tools that make the task less challenging and more fun. How much time does it take to maintain a planted tank? Everyone loves […]

Aquarium Botanicals: Organic Mulberry Leaves

If you keep ornamental shrimp, you’re going to LOVE these leaves! Mulberry leaves provide carbohydrates, fiber, and essential nutrients, such as phytosetrols, which are essential to shrimp for optimum health and reproduction. This makes ours a great value as well as a great supplemental shrimp food! Mulberry leaves are surprisingly nutritious supplemental foods for shrimp, […]