Stainless Inflow and Outflow with Surface Skimmer


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Hydra Aquatics Inflow and Outflow with Surface Skimmer

-Stainless steel design

-Sturdy and corrosion resistant

-Skimmer removes debris and oils from water surface

Hydra Aquatics’ Inflow and Outflow with Surface Skimmer is a high-quality addition to your aquarium that will give an impressive appearance to your setup, but won’t take away from the beauty inside your aquarium. The stainless steel design of the inflows and outflows have a sleek and elegant look to them. They are sturdy, rust and corrosion resistant, and harmless to your aquarium. The pipes are easy to clean, insusceptible to algae growth, and convenient to remove and clean.

The floating adjustable surface skimmer removes debris and oils from the surface of the water, promoting deeper light penetration within the aquarium. Flow into the skimmer is adjusted by turning the bottom of the inflow pipe. Clear acrylic brackets mount the inflow and outflow securely to the aquarium. The set is supplied with 2 adapters for 9/16″, 5/8″, or 1/2″ tubing. The stainless steel pipes are 3/4″ OD and 5/8″ ID.

Easy to install, the quality of manufacturing and material ensures that this product is made to last a lifetime.