Stainless CO2 Diffuser w/ 6 mm Clip – 9.84″ long


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Hydra Aquatics Stainless CO2 Diffuser w/ 6 mm Clip – 9.84″ long

– High-quality ceramic membrane

– Made of high quality stainless steel

– Compatible with pressurized gas cylinders and limited compatibility with biological CO2 supplying systems (biological CO2 supplying systems need to produce at least a pressure of 1 bar)

– Connects with commercially available 4/6 mm CO2 tubing

– Replaceable ceramic membrane

Hydra Aquatics’ polished stainless steel CO2 diffusers are durable, built to last, and insusceptible to algae growth. The replaceable ceramic membrane allows for this product to last a lifetime.

Hydra Aquatics stainless CO2 diffuser dissolves up to 98% of the CO2 running through them. Small CO2 bubbles are distributed in the tank and guarantee an optimal CO2 uptake by the water plants. The CO2 dissolves easily in the tank due to the large ratio of surface to volume of the ceramic membrane.

The replaceable ceramic membrane is HA-120 or HYD110 for ordering purposes.

Important Info: All ceramic discs, tubes, or surfaces MUST be soaked in water for at least 30 minutes before use.