Fluval FX2 FX4 FX5 FX6 Foam Pad, 2 pk


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Carbon Foam for FX/2/FX4/FX5/FX6 Canister Filter, 2-Pack
Item #: A249 | UPC: 015561102490

Designed specifically for the Fluval FX4, FX5 and FX6 high performance canister filters, the Carbon Impregnated Foam Pad pulls double duty as both an effective mechanical and chemical media.


-Mechanical/Chemical filter media
-Pad traps small particles and debris
-Carbon helps remove odors, discolorations, heavy metals and organic contaminants
-For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
-Convenient 2-pack format
-2x carbon impregnated foam pads included