Congo 29 Gal. Aquarium with Filtration 23.62″ x 15.75″ x 17.72″ – Black Background


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Hydra Aquatics Congo Aquarium with Filtration – Black Background

– 29 Gallon Ultra Clear Glass Aquarium

– 23.62″ x 15.75″ x 17.72″

– Stunning view with museum quality glass

– Built in filtration powered by Oase pumps and AquaLife Media

The Congo Aquarium is designed and backed by Hydra Aquatics, a company you can trust. Built in filtration powered by Hydra pumps and filtration media is just the start. This system is designed to be the best for your Aquascaping dreams.

Follow the suggested tank options and take advantage of the products our Hydra pros have tested with the system.

We provide the quality to begin without end.

For a complete rundown of features and options selected by our professional team watch the video at (http://Coming SOON).

Pump Recommended: AZOO Powerhead 600

Included items and features:
Low Iron Polished Glass Aquarium with black back
Built In Filtration powered by Azoo pump and AquaLife Media
Ultra-Thick 8mm High Clarity Low Iron Glass
Diamond Edged Flat Polished
Black German Silicone
Rubber Leveling Mat
Pump Pad
Oase 150 watt heater
AquaLife Biomedia
AquaLife Easy Pour Pelleted Carbon
Fine Bonded Padding
2 Sponges
2 year 1+1 Year Warranty

Stand Black Modern or White (Optional)

Planted Chemicals Recommended:
AquaLife Phytotone and Evoke

Lighting Options:
(Choose based on type of livestock desired)
24″ Strip type, such as Up Aqua UX-Series Plant LED (UA278)
Hanging Pendant