CO2 Glass Bubble Counter with Diffuser


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Mr. Aqua CO2 Glass Bubble Counter with Diffuser

-Made with fine ceramic, to dispense CO2 in mist form

-Built in bubble counter

-Compact design, durable construction

-3 suction cups included

-Can be cleaned

Mr. Aqua’s glass CO2 diffuser with spiral tube bubble counter comes with a glass hanger and suction cups. It is best used in aquariums up to 80 gallons. The spiral design allows for better control of the bubble counting.

Dimensions: 1 1/4? x 1 1/2? x 4?

Instructions: When installing pressure pipes from the CO2 regulator, the pipe should be longer than the distance installed. Open the CO2 regulator slowly. A certain quantity will first accumulate in gauge before starting to dispense. Determine the amount of CO2 required and pH value, add in the adequate amount of CO2 as needed.