AquaLife Activate Saltwater 2oz Aquarium Starter and Cleaner


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ACTIVATE is a natural organic formulation designed to accelerate biological filtration, cycle new aquariums, improve water quality, and reduce maintenance. ACTIVATE reduces ammonia, nitrite, and fish loss. With regular use, the blend of synergistic bacteria reduces sludge and phosphate, and it keeps aquariums clear. It is safe for all aquatic animals and plants.

Directions: (1 capful = 5ml)

Shake well before using. For new aquariums, if ammonia, nitrite or water quality problems are present, use 1oz (30ml) per 20 gallons weekly for 30 days. When adding new fish or after medicating, use 15ml per 20 gallons once. To prevent water quality problems and reduce maintenance, use 10ml per 20 gallons weekly.

Keep out of reach of children.

4oz treats up to 240gal

8oz treats up to 480gal

16oz treats up to 960gal

32oz treats up to 1920gal

128oz treats up to 7680gal