StarBond Glue for Aquascaping

Are you looking for the best glue for your aquarium needs? Look no further than Starbond, aquaLife, UP Aqua, Polyp Lab, or Seachem glues. Cyanoacrylate-based glue, often called “Super Glue” or “Crazy Glue,” is the ideal choice. Opt for the gel form for easier underwater application. These glues are reef safe, cure underwater, and adhere exceptionally well to rocks and frags.

With various superglues available, the critical difference lies in the thickness of the gel, country of origin, manufacturing process, and shelf life. Thicker gels are preferred for reef tanks and aquascaping hardscapes, providing better control and adherence. Gluing frags outside the aquarium is straightforward. Apply a dime-size dab of glue to your coral plug or rubble rock, dry off the frag, and hold it in place until it sticks on its own. For underwater gluing, it’s a bit trickier. Eject a small ball of glue underwater onto your fingertips, then gently roll it onto the rock surface. Press the coral into the glue and hold until it adheres.

Avoid breaking the skin of the glue with your hands; let the coral frag pierce the glue’s surface. If you’re having trouble with frags sticking, ensure you’re holding them long enough or penetrating the glue’s surface adequately.

Are you concerned about cost or shelf life? Opt for bulk containers like the Starboard EM-2000 Thick in larger sizes or aquaLife Aquascaping glue for the best value, shelf life, and quality. Metal containers are a little easier to use for underwater use to prevent premature hardening, such as the UP Aqua, Polyp Labs, or Seachem products, Single-use options like the 1 oz Starbond or UP Aqua tube are convenient, especially for smaller projects. Choose from super glue gel, extra thick glue, or cyanoacrylate options for all your aquascaping and coral gluing needs: Trust Starbond, aquaLife, UP Aqua, Polyp Lab, or Seachem for reliable, reef-safe adhesion.

Introducing Starbond Aquascaping Glue – the ultimate adhesive for aquascaping and coral propagation needs! Crafted with precision in Japan, Starbond stands out as the industry’s pinnacle of quality and reliability.

Why choose Starbond? Unlike other glues, each batch of Starbond is meticulously produced in small quantities, ensuring unparalleled consistency and performance. This means you can trust Starbond for its superior bonding strength and durability every time.

One of the standout features of Starbond Aquascaping Glue is its extended shelf life. With a remarkable lifespan of up to two years, even without refrigeration, you can count on Starbond to remain ready whenever inspiration strikes.

Join countless aquascaping enthusiasts who have made Starbond their go-to adhesive. Elevate your creations with the best – choose Starbond for unmatched quality, reliability, and longevity.

Starbond EM-2000 Thick CA Glue is known as the “gap filler’. This thick CA adhesive has honey-like viscosity, making it the go-to glue for filling large voids and gaps, and heavy-duty bonding. With its strong bonding capabilities, EM-2000 stays in place, even when applied at an angle. This glue is specially formulated to have a longer curing time, allowing as much as two minutes for positioning and the most precise bonding. 

Viscosity: 2000 cPs (meaning the thickness of the liquid is similar to that of honey). Filling capabilities of up to 0.01-0.02″ in size. Bonding time: > 60 seconds. 

Drying time without an accelerator: 40-50 seconds. Drying time with an accelerator: 5-10 seconds. NOTE ( Accelerators are great or hardscapes prior to filling aquariums only!) They should not be used on live corals or plants!

Works on
Wood, Ceramics, Frag Plugs, Corals, Aquascaping, Metal, Gemstones, Carbon fiber. PVC and Most Plastics, Leather, and Rubber.

Refrigerate after opening for a longer shelf life.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Store out of reach from children.

ST100 20001 1 oz. EM-2000 Aquascaping Gap Filler Thick CA Glue 1oz by Starbond
ST101 20004 4 oz. EM-2000 Aquascaping Gap Filler Thick CA Glue 4oz by Starbond
ST102 200016 16 oz. EM-2000 Aquascaping Gap Filler Thick CA Glue 16oz by Starbond
ST103 A2 2 oz Glue Accelerator 2oz Pump Sprayer by Star Bond
ST104 A16 16 oz Accelerator Glue Accelerator 16oz Refill with 2oz Pump Sprayer by Star Bond