Professional Tools for Cultivating Your Planted Aquarium

Hydra Aquatics announces new additions to their
professional aquascaping tools.

Planted freshwater aquaria are amazingly popular in the aquatics hobby right now. The possibilities are nearly endless for creating captivating microsystems that blend together visual artistry and the special wonders of nature.

Many advancements in equipment and practices over the last several years have contributed significantly to the knowledge base of supporting vigorous plant life in the aquarium environment. Setting up and maintaining one of these beautiful systems now is easier than ever, leaving you more time to enjoy your creation (and probably start another one!)

Having the right tools at your fingertips is a must for the planted aquarium. Hydra Aquatics has introduced several aquascaping tools that help with large tasks as well as delicate planting and trimming details.A handy carrying pouch for keeping your aquatic tools together is also available.

Iconic Pro Aquarium Scraper Tool
18” ext to 26”

Iconic Pro Curved Spring Scissor
Black Oxide, 6”
Iconic Pro Straight Spring Scissor
Black Oxide, 6”
Iconic Pro Curved End Scissors
Tungsten Carbide, 12”
Iconic Pro Pinsette Tweezer
Black Oxide, 12”
Iconic Pro Pinsette Tweezer, 12”
Aquascaping Tool Bag