Hydra Aquatics CO2 Pro Glassware makes your planted tank more beautiful than ever

Many factors play a part in developing a thriving aquarium, and CO2 is one of the most important elements in a planted aquarium. Without CO2, plants would not be as vibrant and healthy. Along with proper lighting and nutrients to promote proper photosynthesis, CO2 is an essential part of maintaining plant life. During photosynthesis, plants consume CO2 and certain macro and micro elements to produce simple sugars. Plants require carbon dioxide to produce the food they need to grow, a byproduct of this process being oxygen. When plants become unhealthy, fish can also become unhealthy, leading to a loss in plant and fish life.

• Professional Glassware crafted by the finest artisan glass blowers
to Hydra Aquatics standards
• Compact design, durable construction
• Use with any size tank
• Suitable for use with any standard CO2 injection system
• Suction cups included
• Glass hanger included

PRO Bubble Counter

PRO Narrow Diffuser

PRO Angled Diffuser

PRO Wide Diffuser

PRO Bubble Counter with Diffuser

PRO Spiral Bubble Counter