AquaLife- coming soon


AZOO provides high quality nutrients, the best  small filters and Titanium Heaters, and unique accessories  AZOO has focused on providing lifestyle driven aquarium products for your home for your office or any room in need of high quality aquatic décor.

Azoo is a company we are proud to represent as many of their unique items are best in class.




Hydra Aquatcs

Hydra is a growing brand.  Its name meaning, “a many-headed serpent or monster in Greek mythology that was slain by Hercules and each head of which when cut off was replaced by two others” is just exactly what we think bout when viewing the Logo.  The Hydra brand branches into a few categories and is ever growing only offering the best quality you will find.







Mr. Aqua

“Mr. Aqua Co., Ltd.” established in 1992 is the reason Quality nano rimless tanks exist.  Many have copied the success of Mr Aqua but no one has made rimless glass tanks better or with more precision.   Mr Aqua now provides a  complete range of equipment for aquarium enthusiasts.    They have grown now from there head office in Taipei setting up two sub-companies in Taichung and Kaohsiung.  Your tank is only as good as your Glass and Mr Aqua is the name in tanks that beyond compare.


UP Aqua

Providing goods of high quality with reasonable prices is UP Aqua’s principle. They are professionals in the series of water plant products. Now, UP is the manufacturer who has the most complete range of water plant products in the world and has developed many series of aquarium products.  The best Co2 systems, quality Lighting, and some very unique items allow you to complete your living creation without sacrificing quality or you wallet.


VIV’s Glasswares are the most favored hand-blown glass pipes in the aquatic world offering an outstanding elegance to any aquarium. Designed with an emphasis on functional beauty, each VIV overflow is handmade in China by skilled glass workers. The pieces are formed from crystal clear borosilicate glass, the same material used to make high end lab equipment. Japanese glass craftsmen carefully hand finish each VIV part to the highest standards with smooth edges and attention to the smallest details. You no longer need to look at an ugly canister filter intake as VIV’s Glasswares enhance the look and function of your aquarium not take away from it. VIV also has a wide range of tools and other beautiful accessories that will not disappoint the most discriminating enthusiast.  At SevenPorts we carry VIV for those customers demanding the very best.