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[span8][title_box title=”become a retailer” custom_class=”clients-bottom-title”][row_in][span1]client-icon1[/span1][span7][title_box title=”let our product sell for you” custom_class=”clients-sub-title” subtitle=”If you would like to carry our product there are several different ways. First see if there is a regional distributor in your area by visiting our regional distributors page. If there is none then go to our contact page and drop us a line. We will respond promptly and instruct you on how to get set up.”] [/span7][/row_in][hr][row_in][span1]client-icon2[/span1][span7][title_box title=”im a consumer, where can i purchase?” custom_class=”clients-sub-title” subtitle=”First of all, thank you for your interest. If you are looking for a retail location just choose your state to the left of this page. That will take you to another page where you can view all the retail locations in that state and their contact info.  Or just take a look at our map below, where all locations are marked with info on each store.”] [/span7][/row_in][/span8]