CO2, The Basics

Lately quite a few hobbyist have contacted us looking for more information regarding the addition of CO2 in a planted tank. The planted tank community is growing fast as hobbyist learn that keeping aquatic plants brings on a whole new exciting and rewarding challenge to the aquarium keeping.

CO2 is one of the most important elements in a planted aquarium. Without CO2, plants would not be as vibrant and healthy. CO2 is as essential along with proper lighting and nutrients to promote proper photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, plants consume CO2 and certain macro/micro elements to produce simple sugars. This is the basic building block in which a plant would grow. When one of these elements is missing, plant growth comes to a standstill. Macro elements would be Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, and CO2. These are consider Macro elements due to the fact that plants consume greater quantities of these elements. Micro elements would be mainly heavy metals, Boron, Iron, Manganese, and etc. These elements are consumed on a much lower scale, thus Micro nutrient.

SevenPorts offers different options for adding CO2 to your tank regiment. You can add CO2 to a planted aquarium in many ways. We offer kits ranging from novice to advance setups. Our Up-Aqua CO2 system is aimed towards new hobbyists just learning about adding CO2 to their planted aquarium. Our Advance line of CO2 system will be the Ista CO2 Systems. Both Ista CO2 system can be used on aquariums up to 48 gallons. Each system we carry would have benefits over others. One may have better components than another to be geared towards certain hobbyists. The Ista CO2 System (IA-503) comes with an acrylic cast diffuser that can be taken apart for maintaining the atomizing ceramic plate. The diffuser also has a built in check valve and bubble counter. Ista CO2 System (IA-514) comes with a separate diffuser and standalone cast acrylic bubble counter + check valve.

With these simple and easy to use systems. You can get the most out of your planted aquarium. Boost plant growth with simple to use and maintain systems. Grow vibrant and healthy plants with the addition of CO2 from one of our many options.